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How to Speed Up Browsing on Your Android Smartphone

Tired of slow page load times? Frustrated by page loading errors? I’m sure you’ve encountered this frustrating problem many times.

At times, even though our network shows full coverage, it barely loads any website or app. Have you ever wondered what could be the problem?

Guess what, it’s simple as fixing your DNS IPs.

But, what is DNS?

DNS,Otherwise, known as Domain Name System. It’s the website name we use that’s called DNS. However, each website is hosted on a computer with unique IP address. The DNS system redirects our name based query to IP based query, so that we reach the correct computer on the interweb.

But, there is catch. If the system handing this translation is slow, you get slow browsing speeds. And that’s the cause of slow page loading times you experience.

So what should we do?

Simple! We just have to replace the existing DNS system with a new and efficient one. What could be more better than Google for this? Well, that’s what we are doing here.

We’ll rely on Google DNS servers for our name to IP translation. For that, we have to switch our DNS server addresses on our phone to Google Public DNS IP addresses.


However, when using mobile data, there is no way you could do that manually. To do this, you have to add apps and tunnel all the traffic through a virtual private network.

To make things easier, there is an app called DNS Set [Play Store], which creates a VPN and tunnel all web traffic through it. It also uses Google DNS for DNS queries. So by enabling this app, you can get faster browsing speeds.

Try it and you’ll see the difference. Do let me know how it works via comments.

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