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How Much is USD 170 Million in Crores?

Last weekend, I happened to read an article about the earnings of richest celebrities in the world. Taylor Swift tops the list with earnings over 170 million USDs per year.

If you don’t know who that is. Here is photo.

Taylor Swift is the Richest Celebrity

Taylor Swift is the richest celebrity

That made me think…

Exactly, how much is $170 million in Indian Rupees?

It would definitely be in crores, that’s for sure.

But, how much?

I fired up my browser and calculator to get answers.

First, I checked Google for exchange rate.

1 USD = 67.10 INR

That means,

170 million USD = 170 x 10 lac x 67.10 = 17 Crores * 67.10 = 1140.7 crores INR!!!

That’s translates to roughly 3.125 crores a day!


13 Lakhs per hour!!

Money Fall

It gets even more interesting…

This equals to Rs.21600 per minute.

Or Rs.360 per second.

Woah! That’s lot of money!

Just imagine the possibilities if money is not a problem any more. What would you do if you have that much money? Do let me know your ideas via comments.

PS: Yes, I know there are many Indian entrepreneurs who makes significantly more than her per annum. Let’s just forget them for the sake of celebrities. Shall we?

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