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How to Disable that Ridiculous App Notifications on Your Android Phone

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are in the middle of an important work and suddenly your phone buzzes with a “ding”. You’ll stop all the work you were doing and grab your phone to check that new notification.

It could be from your boss.

It could be from your spouse.

It could be something important.

You can’t wait to see it. And you swipe down your android notification bar in search of that new message.

Ah..there it is…..

…… an ad from an online store about their discount furniture sale coming up next week!

Won’t you get angry when you see this?

I’m sure you will. I certainly have.

Imagine the situation when you have hundreds of apps in your phone. These app notifications can easily disrupt your normal life.

So what to do? How do we disable these app notifications? What are the steps?

This post is just about that. It’ll teach you to disable app notifications in an android phone.

Here is how…

How to Disable Notifications from Any App (Android Lollipop and Marshmallow)

First, go to settings on your phone. There you’ll see sound and notifications section. Touch on that section and go to App notifications. There, you’ll see list of all the apps that have the ability to send you push notifications.

App Notifications

Touch on the individual app listings and turn ON “block” to ensure no further notification comes from that particular app. Similarly, you can block all other unwanted apps.

Apps Blocked

Please note that you must not block certain primary apps using this feature. For example, clock, phone and SMS app. If you do, you won’t get any updates from these apps. That means, alarms won’t ring on time. SMS notification won’t show up etc.. so never ever block those primary apps.

I’ve blocked the following apps on my phone:

  • WhatsApp (No more sound and notification when someone adds an update on a group or send you a message)
  • Facebook (No more notifications)
  • Amazon (No promotional message or order updates)
  • Flipkart & Snapdeal (No promotional messages and order updates)
  • PayTM (No more offers and updates)
  • News Apps (Thank god. Now no breaking news!)
  • Gmail (No notification when you receive a new mail.)

Now life is less noisy and I can concentrate on my work without getting disturbed.

How to Disable App Notifications on Android Jelly Bean / Kitkat

These version of android does not come with an app notification blocker. However, you can still manage to do the same in a different way.

First go to Settings. Then touch on the Apps. Select the app, whose notification you want to block. Untick the box that show “Show Notifications”. You’ll see a confirmation box , just touch OK to confirm your action.

Similarly, you can disable app notifications from all unwanted apps.

Now, it’s your turn

Are you tired of these app notifications? Which apps would you like to disable? What feature would you like to see in future version of android? Let the world know your opinion via comments.

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